Please avoid using Chrome with Tutortrac. 

UPDATE: 1/28/18 Tutortrac may not be sending out automatic emails.  Please keep an eye on your appointmetns until we can fix the problem.

UPDATE: We do not currently support chem lab courses.  Please do not make chem lecture appointments intending to discuss chem lab.  The chem lecture tutor will likely not be able to assist you.  Please speak with your lab coordinator for assistance.

NEW POLICY:  Every missed appointment will deactivate your account, preventing you from making more appointments.  You must request a reactivation in person at the learning center.  Your account will not be reactivated via a phone request.  If you miss one appointment you will be reactivated 24 hours after reactivation request is made, two missed appointments and you will be reactivated 48 hours after reactivation request is made, three misses and you must wait a full 36 hours after your reactivation request, etc.  You will not be permitted services until your account is reactivated.  There will only be extremely limited exceptions to this policy.  Your absences will be set to zero on September 18th.  See how to cancel here.  Do manage your activity well. 

Until further notice, we will continue using Tutortrac for the Fall semester.  Click LOGIN to check the online schedule for tutoring sessions.  To avoid having your account deactivate, click to read about our FAIR USE POLICY.
We can respond to your request with a schedule change no earlier than one week after receipt. Our response is subject to
tutor availability.You may request additional times or subjects by completing this SCHEDULE CHANGES FORM. Please note that we are not an on demand service. We can respond to your request with a schedule change no earlier than one week after receipt. Our response is subject to tutor availability. Review your syllabi so that you can make your request(s) well in advance of the need and secure other options in case we are unsuccessful.
Our center exists to support your studies. We can help to clarify key course concepts and through peer led discussion refine your understanding. This conversation demands active participation which in turn requires that you attend all your classes, read your textbooks, prepare and review well organized and copious notes, participate in class discussions and conscientiously attempt your homework before seeking assistance. Pay careful attention to this preparation so that your tutoring assistance is not delayed or denied.
Our tutors receive extensive initial and ongoing training. The majority are peer tutors who have received at least a B+ in the courses that they wish to tutor. Most have taken these courses here at R-N. In addition, every tutor has a solid overall academic record not falling below a 3.0. Finally, our tutors provide personal and caring service and stress the benefits of early preparation and regular study.
WHAT IS RU-N4Success?
RU-N4Success is a web application that provides a convenient way for you to book and cancel appointments from any computer.