Program Outcomes and Assessment

Program Outcomes

  1. Ability to design and conduct/discuss scientifically sound experiments.
  2. Analyze and interpret various forms of experimental data
  3. Obtain gainful employment post-graduation in private, government, industry, or  academic sectors
  4. Pursue research careers by either entering Ph.D. (MS Students) or postdoctoral  streams (Ph.D.)
  5. Understand ethical principles that govern proper use of animals, humans, and the environment
  6. Develop the ability to communicate ideas effectively
  7. Develop a depth of thinking needed to operate in a multidisciplinary environment
  8. Develop an understanding of biology in the larger human and global context



Direct Measures

  1. Detailed analysis of student GPA – core courses, breadth requirements
  2. Success at key benchmarks – comprehensive & qualifying exams
  3. Publication records – authorships in peer review journals
  4. Meeting presentations
  5. Analysis of professional advancement post-graduation – 5 year time line
  6. Analysis of professional advancement – 10+ year time line

Indirect Measures

  1. Graduate course evaluation
  2. Alumni surveys
  3. Entrance & Exit interviews
  4. Undergraduate student evaluations of Teaching Assistants
  5. Faculty evaluations during early advisement
  6. Informal discussions